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Hey guys!

Well - the day is here, the time is right, I feel like crawling naked through old VHS tapes....  and I dunno if I'm gonna be able to post anything between now and when Coopers' Camera premieres tonight at the Varsity.... so I'm posting this now (before Candice our PR whiz picks me up for a day of crazy press). Candice has gotten Mini Cooper to sponsor us - so if you see little Mini Coopers' Camera Coopers driving around town with our poster on it --- please say hi! (or at least don't throw eggs)...

I'd like to leave you with this picture. It's of the very first pre-production meeting me, Samy Inayeh (DOP) and Chris Pavoni (PM) took at the Drake on January 4th, 2008. Look at the youthful optimism and happy anticipation on their faces (mine too if you could see me). Little did we know we'd be premiering our little movie nine months later at the world's greatest film festival, in front of filmdom's best audience. You. If we knew then what we know now - we'd have the same look on our faces.  Whatever happens at our premiere tonight - it's been an incredible ride so far.

Shoot Good Film,


PS - thanks to the Canadian Features Programmers last night for a great dinner -- see you guys tonight!!