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Arrived (from Vancouver) at 8pm.
Ate and Drank (too much) at the Liberty Grand Opening party 10:30pm - 2am
Park Hyatt until 4:30am

Have to get up at 9am. Whew.

They say get lots of sleep.

Tomorrow is our premiere...I should post something about that tomorrow.

We're keeping a video blog/podcast of our experience, but it's uncensored and definitely out of control.

I may post a link, but I'm not sure it's suitable for a general audience...this group (WHEN LIFE WAS GOOD) get a little out of hand, and with ten of us here...well...we'll see.

Time to try and sleep for an hour before another party. Michelle and Kristine are very excited about the carpet rouge situation.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Burn After Reading tomorrow morning.

Post the video! Post the video! Give us the dirties!! Good luck on your premiere -- remember to breath. From your fellow filmmaking friends @ Coopers' WPS
Comment By Warren Sonoda At 06/09/2021 1:58 AM
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