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Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Various and Anonymous

  • Year: 1900-1919
  • Language: Silent
  • Runtime: 30
  • Programmes:

Amazing images gleaned from the archives of the EYE Film Institute Netherlands.

Experimental and Avant-Garde History Short Film

Films in Wavelengths 6: Coming Attractions

Photofinish Figures

Paolo Gioli

With exhilirating rhythms and flashing sideways motion, the latest by celebrated Italian aritst Paolo Gioli is a 16mm, black and white ode to faces and the city. Il Finish delle Figure reminds one of Muybridge but relays a sense of the conteporary, sensory overload of living in a metropolis.

Day was a Scorcher

Ken Jacobs

Stroboscopic home movies, from Rome to NYC.

Concorso di bellezza fra bambini a Torino


Amazing images gleaned from the archives of the EYE Film Institute of Netherlands; a parade of pint-sized pulchritude.

Delphine de Oliveira

Friedl vom Gröller

A young woman is photographed in a Parisian courtyard. Her belle laide looks convey a paradox of emotion and many untold mysteries.

Jonas Mekas In Kodachrome Days

Ken Jacobs

Stroboscopic home movies of a famous filmmaker, by another.

Roi des Dollars

Segundo de Chomón

Illusions of gutteral gold.


Peter Tscherkassky

Austrian master Peter Tscherkassky's latest epic is a sly comedy that mines the relationship between early cinema and the avant-garde by way of advertising. With references to Méliès, les Lumières, Cocteau and Fernand Léger, COMING ATTRACTIONS playfully explores cinema's subliminal possibilities.

Bits and Pieces

Various and Anonymous

Amazing images gleaned from the archives of the EYE Film Institute Netherlands.

screening times

    • Monday September 13
    • 9:00:00 PM

Note: indicates Premium Screening.

official description

Completing the evening’s attractions is a selection from EYE Film Institute Netherlands’ Bits and Pieces project, which restores and compiles “anonymous, unidentified or otherwise interesting fragments,” saving them from oblivion. Far from the perpetually sounded epitaph that has long plagued the cinema, this programme demonstrates the countless discoveries within film history and the new creations which can emerge from it.

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