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In Concert

Renowned musicians perform lives scores for Essential 100 films. owned musicians perform the scores live for Essential 100 films.


The Passion of Joan of Arc and Richard Einhorn's Voices of Light

Performed around the world to tremendous acclaim, from the Lincoln Center in New York to the Sydney Opera House, Richard Einhorn's opera/oratorio Voices of Light draws direct inspiration from Dreyer's silent masterpiece.

The Passion of Joan of Arc: A New Score by Adrian Utley and Will Gregory

Premiered in May 2010 at Bristol's Colston Hall, this collaboration between Portishead's Adrian Utley and Goldfrapp's Will Gregory employs six electric guitars, percussion, horns, keyboards and choral voices to weave a darkly int...

Sherlock Jr. in concert with the Fern Lindzon Sextet

Buster Keaton


Comedy great Buster Keaton showcases his astonishingly acrobatic slapstick in this hilarious masterpiece about a cinema projectionist and would-be detective (Keaton) who falls asleep on the job and dreams himself into the mystery...

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