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Volunteer Year-round

Volunteer Year-round

Our year-round volunteers are an essential part of TIFF, working on ongoing initiatives in almost every department. They have a unique opportunity not only to be exposed to cinema from across Canada and around the world, but to be an essential part of the over 4000 events in TIFF Bell Lightbox, running 365 days a year.

Our goal is to engage with a group of friendly, knowledgeable, dependable volunteers invested in achieving TIFF’s mission: to transform the way people see the world through the moving image.

Year Round Volunteer Programmes at TIFF

TIFF Bell Lightbox Front-line Volunteers
Front-line Volunteers are at the core of TIFF Bell Lightbox! These volunteers assist with public screenings, gallery exhibitions and events at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Front-line volunteers are required to commit to a minimum of 2-3 shifts per month, with shifts taking place 7 days a week. Some Front-line Volunteer duties are:

  • Answering general questions about TIFF Bell Lightbox and TIFF Bell Lightbox programming
  • Directing traffic in the lobby of TIFF Bell Lightbox
  • Checking, taking or tearing tickets
  • Ushering, controlling traffic flow and assisting with lineup
  • Performing other duties as required

TIFF Year-Round Admin Team
The TIFF Year-Round Admin Team is a skilled and exclusive group of volunteers supporting our many TIFF Departments with day-to-day administrative duties and special events.

Typically, volunteers must be available during TIFF office hours: 9:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday to fill casual volunteer positions – one-time tasks or projects that can usually be completed over a single volunteer shift. Most of these involve administrative duties, such as:

  • assisting with mailings
  • data entry
  • office organization
  • conducting internet research

Opportunities also include volunteering at single-day events such as the Student Film Showcase or Sprockets Teacher Preview nights. These positions may fall outside of TIFF office hours. In most cases, continuing Admin team volunteers commit to a 6-month term. Term one runs May 1st to October 31. Term two runs November 1st to April 30.

Typically Year-round Admin team members should also have:

  • basic to intermediate knowledge of computer applications (PC or Mac) including: Internet browsers, email, Microsoft Office suite (Word and Excel especially). Experience with relational databases is an asset.
  • familiarity with administrative or office duties, attention to detail, sound organizational and time management abilities, and customer service skills.

Continuing Volunteer Positions
Continuing volunteers provide a substantial contribution to a specific TIFF department. Time commitment can be a minimum of two shifts a month to a maximum of eighteen hours per week.

Some continuing positions include:

  • providing ongoing administrative support to a department
  • compiling press clippings
  • conducting internet research

Continuing volunteers develop skills and learn more about a particular area of TIFF. Over time, responsibilities can grow and new professional development opportunities can become available. All active TIFF Volunteers have to opportunity to apply for continuing positions, all of which are posted on the Volunteer Hub.

TIFF Marketing Street Team
Marketing Street Team volunteers assist with the promotion of TIFF’s year-round initiatives by:

  • distributing TIFF marketing materials
  • liaising with Toronto neighbourhood establishments
  • expanding TIFF's list of contacts in their neighbourhoods

Each member completes approximately two distribution rounds per month during regular business hours, over a three-month commitment period.
The TIFF Marketing Street Team is made up of enthusiastic and community-minded volunteers who have (or would like to develop) keen knowledge of their neighbourhoods and a desire to talk about film programming. Having a background in Marketing or Film is a welcome asset too.

General Volunteer Applications
Periodically we will accept applications to volunteer at TIFF Bell Lightbox and each spring we start recruitment to volunteer for the Festival.  

We are currently seeking volunteers for front-line positions in TIFF Bell Lightbox! Apply to Volunteer at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Staying in touch
The best way to stay informed about all TIFF volunteer news, announcements and openings is to subscribe to our TIFF Volunteer Newsletter. We send out a Newsletter whenever we have important information about upcoming initiatives needing volunteers. Find out more about the TIFF Volunteer Newsletter.

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