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The Robber

Benjamin Heisenberg

  • Country: Austria/Germany
  • Year: 2009
  • Runtime: 96 min

A thrilling true crime story, The Robber follows one of Austrais most famous marathon runners, who is also one of its most notorious bank robbers.

official description

The Robber is a thrilling account of a true crime story that is so spectacular you may not believe it. Johann Rettenberger (Andreas Lust) has just been released from prison. Far from reformed, he sets out on a new crime spree, robbing banks while disguised and armed. But instead of a getaway car, Rettenberger uses his jaw dropping running ability to elude capture. A marathon runner, Rettenberger rarely speaks, saving his energy for the inevitable chase. Having exhaustively trained in prison, Rettenberger is in the best shape of his life, allowing for race wins as well as express heists in the banks of Austria. The Robber is edge of your seat thrills combined with stunning photography and a contemplative performance by Lust. Using little dialogue, director Benjamin Heisenberg ratchets the tension by using the physicality of running, employing long takes, wide framing and a pulsating rock sountrack to heighten the sense of speed and endurance on display, while never moralizing, leaving the audience to decide on the nature of Rettenberger’s crimes. An existential action film, The Robber is “an intelligently shot study in self-control and calculated release, it’s equally surprising as an action film and character portrait.” (The Village Voice)

Opens Thursday, February 3. Please revisit this page on Wednesday, February 2 for showtimes.
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