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Love Crime

Love Crime

Alain Corneau

  • Country: France
  • Year: 2010
  • Language: French
  • Producer: Saïd Ben Saïd
  • Screenplay: Alain Corneau, Natalie Carter
  • Runtime: 106
  • Programmes:

Dangerous Liaisons meets Working Girl in this deliciously caustic tale of office politics. Starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier as mentor and ingénue, Love Crime is a remorseless clash of two competing egos.


screening times

    • Saturday September 11
    • 8:00:00 PM
    • Sunday September 19
    • 12:00:00 PM
    • Tiff Bell LightBox 1

Note: indicates Premium Screening.

official description

Imagine Dangerous Liaisons crossed with Working Girl and you are well on your way to the core of Crime d’amour. Alain Corneau’s latest film is a remorseless tale of office politics played out by two ruthless executives, deliciously portrayed by the superb Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier. With ambition and jealousy oozing from their pores, they achieve the magnificent feat of eating up the scenery while delivering highly understated performances as competitive colleagues who become bitter enemies. Corneau’s script is so tight it squeaks, with precise, propulsive scenes that are bitingly sharp and cut to the quick. No asides, no longueurs. This is a masterclass in filmmaking.

Isabelle (Sagnier) is the young ingénue assistant, while Christine (Scott Thomas) is the older woman, a senior executive in a multinational company doing deals around the world. At first they are friendly. Christine, the able executive, is happy to pass the grunt work along to the up-and-coming Isabelle as she learns the ropes. But when Christine starts to take credit for Isabelle’s ideas, and a fellow worker bee begins to fuel Isabelle’s growing doubts about Christine’s duplicitous “all-for-one” attitude, the ground is prepared for all out war. And all out war certainly ensues.

Corneau keeps his explosive material under such fine control that he seduces us into going along for the ride as the devilishly complex plotting, full of surprising twists and turns, unfolds before our eyes. Filling out this mischievous entertainment is a supporting cast of men-on-the-make – from American executives who fly in to approve deals to the police and lawyers who swoop in when things start to go south. Corneau and his cast deliver an immensely enjoyable and delightfully devastating take on the corporate world.

Piers Handling

director bio

Alain Corneau was born in Orleans, France. He was a jazz musician before studying editing and directing at L’Institut des Hautes Études Cinématographiques (IDHEC), and began his film career as an assistant director for Costa-Gavras, among others. He has won several awards for his films, which include France société anonyme (74), La Menace (77), Le Choix des armes (81), Fort Saganne (84), Nocturne indien (89), Tous les matins du monde (91), Le Nouveau monde (95), Les Enfants de Lumière (95), Le Prince du Pacifique (00), Les Mots bleus (05), Le Deuxième Souffle (07) and Crime d’amour (10).

full credits

Principal Cast: Ludivine Sagnier, Kristin Scott Thomas, Patrick Mille
Saïd Ben Saïd
Yves Angelo
Thierry Derocles
Jean-Paul Mugel, Jean-Paul Hurier
Pharoah Sanders
Production Designer:
Katia Wyszkop

Canadian Distributor:
 Mongrel Media  
International Sales Agent:
 TF1 International
Production Company:
SBS Films
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