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Justin Lerner

  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2010
  • Language: English
  • Producer: Jerad Anderson, Kristina Lauren Anderson, Justin Lerner, Shaun O'Banion
  • Executive Producer: Jason Olivier
  • Screenplay: Justin Lerner
  • Runtime: 94
  • Programmes:

When an unexpected financial windfall affords a young man with Down Syndrome some freedom, he decides to pursue the object of his high school crush, Candy. The decision brings him into conflict with her volatile ex-boyfriend, and the three find themselves involved in a complex, unpredictable triangle of love, aspiration and dreams.

DisabilitiesFriendshipFirst Time FeatureIdentityRomance

screening times

    • Sunday September 12
    • 7:45:00 PM
    • Monday September 13
    • 7:15:00 PM
    • Sunday September 19
    • 12:30:00 PM

Note: indicates Premium Screening.

official description

Justin Lerner’s first feature film skilfully sets a traditional theme – a relationship between two people that seem an unlikely match – within unconventional circumstances. The result is Girlfriend, a gentle yet complex exploration of the nature of love.

Evan (Evan Sneider) is a young man with Down Syndrome who lives with his mother Celeste (played by the ever-commanding Amanda Plummer) in a working-class town hard hit by the recession. Evan holds down a job and has a circle of neighbourhood friends. Although he is completely self-sufficient, he and Celeste enjoy a close relationship with shared evenings in front of their favourite television shows.

Then, unexpectedly, Evan comes into a large amount of money and, rather than do anything for himself, he decides to use his new wealth to pursue Candy (Shannon Woodward), a local girl that he’s been in love with since high school. Since then, Candy has made some bad decisions. She is now a single parent with huge debts, who cannot shake the attentions of her volatile ex-boyfriend, Russ (Jackson Rathbone of the Twilight films). Knowing full well that money always complicates things, Candy nevertheless accepts Evan’s offer of financial help, leading to an intricate tangle of emotions, expectations and secrets between Candy, Evan and Russ.

In his first feature film role, Evan Sneider is pitch-perfect as a young man in pursuit of his heart’s desire and as the moral centre of the story. Evan’s pureness of intent only serves to highlight the mercurial, self-interested and often cruel motives of Russ, played with a fiery, danger-ridden intensity by Rathbone. This is not lost on Candy, who knows she doesn’t deserve Russ’s abuse, yet doesn’t feel worthy of Evan’s unfettered compassion.

Making excellent use of its pastoral setting as counterpoint to volatile human emotions, Girlfriend gathers power as it unfolds, leaving the viewer with a thump to the heart that will linger long after the lights come up.

Jane Schoettle

director bio

Justin Lerner earned his B.A. in theatre arts at Cornell University, and received his M.F.A. in directing at UCLA’s Graduate Film School. He has made the short films Solo (04), Echostop (05), Maggie’s Not Here (06) and The Replacement Child (07). Girlfriend (10) is his first feature film.

full credits

Principal Cast: Shannon Woodward, Jackson Rathbone, Amanda Plummer, Evan Sneider
Jerad Anderson, Kristina Lauren Anderson, Justin Lerner, Shaun O'Banion
Executive Producer:
Jason Olivier
Quyen Tran
Jeff Castelluccio
Daniel Perlin
Lawrence Abrams, Jerad Anderson, Ben Graupner, Ben Johnson, Jackson Rathbone
Production Designer:
Seth Chatfield, Harrison Lees
International Sales Agent:
 Paradigm Agency
Production Company:
Wayne/Lauren Film Company
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