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Tony Goldwyn

  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2010
  • Language: English
  • Producer: Andrew Sugerman, Andrew S. Karsch, Tony Goldwyn
  • Executive Producer: Hilary Swank, Markus Barmettler, James Smith, Anthony Callie, Alwyn Hight Kushner
  • Screenplay: Pamela Gray
  • Runtime: 106
  • Programmes:

Conviction is the inspirational true story of a sister’s unwavering devotion to her brother. When Betty Anne Waters’ (two-time Academy® Award winner Hilary Swank) older brother Kenny (Sam Rockwell) is arrested for murder and sentenced to life in 1983, Betty Anne, a Massachusetts wife and mother of two, dedicates her life to overturning the murder conviction.

DramaHuman RightsWomenRacism & Discrimination

screening times

    • Saturday September 11
    • 3:00:00 PM
    • Sunday September 12
    • 12:30:00 PM
    • Saturday September 18
    • 12:00:00 PM

Note: indicates Premium Screening.

official description

Based on the inspirational life of Betty Anne Waters, Conviction tells the story of the unstoppable love between a brother and sister and the lengths to which one woman will go to save her family.

Betty Anne (Academy Award®-winner Hilary Swank) is a single mother of two in Massachusetts. Unemployed and undereducated, her family is her whole life. When her brother Kenny (Sam Rockwell) is convicted of a brutal murder that he says he didn’t commit, her life falls apart. Kenny is sentenced to life without parole and it seems like the end of the line. But Betty Anne won’t go down without a fight. In an incredible leap of faith, she devotes her entire life to proving his innocence. After completing her high school diploma, Betty Anne earns her B.A. and finally, goes to law school in an attempt to overturn her brother’s murder conviction by becoming his lawyer.

With the help of her best friend, Abra (Minnie Driver), Betty Anne pours over the suspicious evidence compiled by Nancy (Melissa Leo), a small-town cop with a chip on her shoulder. Meticulously going over every element in the puzzle that led to Kenny’s arrest, Betty Anne moves to have the case reopened. But after eighteen years, can she save her big brother from losing all hope of freedom?

Swank is incomparable as Betty Anne, bringing courage and grit to the role. As her brother Kenny, Rockwell is spectacular. His transformation from unencumbered young man to a hardened convict fighting for his life is executed masterfully. Under Tony Goldwyn’s subtle and nuanced direction, their unbreakable bond comes to life.

A story of how the light of hope can shine through the darkest hours, Conviction is a moving and breathtaking experience.

Michèle Maheux

director bio

Tony Goldwyn was born in Los Angeles and studied at Brandeis University. He has directed and acted for both film and television. As an actor, he has appeared in the films Ghost (90), The Pelican Brief (93), Nixon (95), The Last Samurai (03) and The Last House on the Left (09). In television, he has acted in the programmes The Good Wife, Dexter, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Without A Trace, The L Word, Frasier, Murphy Brown and Designing Women. He made his feature directorial debut with A Walk on the Moon (99), followed by Someone Like You (01), The Last Kiss (06) and Conviction (10).

full credits

Principal Cast: Hilary Swank, Sam Rockwell, Minnie Driver, Melissa Leo, Peter Gallagher, Juliette Lewis
Andrew Sugerman, Andrew S. Karsch, Tony Goldwyn
Executive Producer:
Hilary Swank, Markus Barmettler, James Smith, Anthony Callie, Alwyn Hight Kushner
Adriano Goldman
Jay Cassidy
David Obermeyer
Paul Cantelon
Production Designer:
Mark Ricker
International Sales Agent:
 Omega Entertainment Ltd.
Production Company:
Omega Entertainment
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