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TIFF Bell Lightbox

  • Why TIFF | Bell Lightbox?

Why TIFF | Bell Lightbox?

In TIFF Bell Lightbox, we are committed to building a centre that will lead the world in the discovery of film and the moving image… where audiences of all ages can immerse themselves in and learn about the magnificence of film.

Piers Handling
CEO and Director of TIFF

Why TIFF Bell Lightbox?

We're living at a watershed moment in our history. The Word – dominant in our culture for 500 years – is now being challenged by the visual universe. The linear style of thought represented by print is being overtaken by the non-linear, multi-channel nature of the moving image.

That's why we're convinced there is an urgency to teach and cultivate an understanding of the moving image – in all its diversity. We want to show great films from around the world as tools for communication, understanding and change on a global scale.

TIFF Bell Lightbox will allow TIFF to expand to become the world’s premiere centre for film.

Creative Leader

TIFF Bell Lightbox will allow TIFF to show more of the great established Canadian and international filmmakers, revealing them as the master artists they are. It will give us more opportunity to act as an incubator for emerging filmmakers and provide story-telling opportunities for youth through workshops, mentorships and panel discussions.

TIFF Bell Lightbox will also create a platform to permanently recognize and celebrate iconic filmmakers, while protecting and preserving our rich film heritage.

Community Leader

Cities need a vibrant arts community and TIFF Bell Lightbox gives the city a dazzling hub of creativity and innovation.

Key community-based festivals and cultural activities will partner with TIFF in our new home, while programming for adults, families and youth will focus on diverse, high-quality Canadian and international films that would otherwise be unavailable to the public.

Global Leader

In Toronto, one of the world's great multicultural cities, we are uniquely positioned to take on global leadership when we have the tools, context and passion.

And when it comes to film, we have all of these.

TIFF Bell Lightbox will allow TIFF to cement its reputation as a global leader in the discovery and understanding of film.

We Need You To Join Us
Join us in creating a permanent home to learn, celebrate and experience film. Toronto needs to take its natural place on the world stage as a leader in film – and this cannot happen without your support.

We have already secured more than 80% of our campaign goal, thanks to our generous lead sponsors and those who have followed. To reach our goal by September, we need more visionaries to join us.

We invite you to invest in our vision of what a great global cultural organization can be.

For the love of film.

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