Here’s what some of our volunteers have had to say about volunteering at TIFF in 2009!

“I had such a great time that once the shifts were over, I missed getting up in the morning to look forward to another day. It was definitely a memorable experience, which is why I plan on volunteering next fall as well.”
- First-time Festival volunteer

“Once again, for me, it was a pleasure working with some very dedicated professional ‘TIFFers’. I noticed that everyone was more dedicated and professional, showing up on time, polite to the patrons, fun to work with. Your team did a great job. I also like the fact that WE choose our shifts and WE committed. Great way for us to choose.”
- Long-time Festival and Sprockets volunteer

“I had a great time. I particularly liked the green screen activity and the idea of giving kids 1 second of a film as a prize.

- First-time Sprockets workshop volunteer

“[The 2-for-1 and 4-for-1 volunteer Festival ticket offers] are great. I took advantage of it and seriously encourage it for next year. A great way to give back to volunteers, and allows them to invite people that might not have been exposed to the Festival.”
- First year Festival volunteer

“It was my first year as a Tech volunteer and I totally loved it. I hope to do it again next year.”
- First-year Sprockets audio technician volunteer

“Volunteering for TIFF was one of the most fun and exciting experiences I've ever had. It was inspiring to see how professional and dedicated all of the volunteers are. It really felt like everyone wanted to make TIFF the best it could be. After every volunteer shift I found myself looking forward to the next one! Volunteering for TIFF is like having your finger on the pulse of Toronto. I loved each minute of volunteering for TIFF and plan to do it every year.”

- First-time Festival volunteer

“The staff members at the theatres treat everyone with respect and enthusiasm. They are real pros. The Sutton Place team was very appreciative of all the work that was done by the volunteers.”
- Long-time Festival volunteer

“I really enjoy interacting with the crowds-they were especially friendly this year and were very appreciative of our volunteer efforts.”
- Long-time Festival volunteer

“All these years when I think back I have wonderful memories and wonderful staff to work with! We should be the one to THANK YOU.”
- Long-time Sprockets volunteer