Diana Sanchez

Diana Sanchez, originally from Toronto, moved to Barcelona in 1994, intending to stay for a year, which finally stretched to fourteen. During that time, she began working for TIFF in many roles, including in the volunteer department, in the guest office and as the late Ramiro Puerta’s assistant before being named International Programmer for TIFF in 2002. Her focus is on Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Diana travels extensively throughout Latin America and is deeply involved in the future of cinema of those countries. In 2005, she served on a jury for the Colombian Film Institute to determine which local feature-film projects received state funding. In 2007, she participated in the first-ever film and educational projects jury for the government of Ecuador. She has also served on many film festival juries in Spain and is highly involved in that nation’s industry. Diana consults for several film festivals, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam and Skip City, a digital film festival in Japan, and is the director of Miami Encuentros at the Miami International Film Festival.