Colin Geddes

Colin Geddes was born in Toronto but grew up in the countryside outside Kingston, Ontario, where his parents accidentally fostered in him an interest in cult cinema, despite the fact that their television only received two channels. In 1988 he moved to Toronto to study graphic design and, during his first week in the big city, attended the inaugural year of Midnight Madness at TIFF. Geddes soon fell in with Toronto’s film zine community, writing and publishing Asian Eye, one of North America’s first sources of information on Hong Kong cinema. After graduation, he managed Suspect Video and Toronto’s short-lived Asian rep theatre, Golden Classics Cinema. He began programming Midnight Madness in 1998, which he does to this day. Geddes has one of North America’s largest collections of Hong Kong movie posters, and recently wrapped Kung Fu Fridays, a series he curated for ten years, which showcased Asian martial arts and cult cinema.