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Cooper's Castaways

A rowdy good time was clearly had by all who attended the Cooper's Camera premiere last night. It was my second turn seeing the film and I annoyed all of my neighbors by declaring my love for it as soon as the credits started rolling.

Armed with a 23 dollars worth of junk food (I don't want to talk about it), I watched Cooper's alongside its cast and was thrust back, once again, into the chaotic realms of my very own childhood. This time around I even noticed a Santa Claus decoration that the Beddall family totally had in the eighties!

I've got to say though, that what stood out to me in this movie, aside from the clever narrative and the baby boner jokes, was Nick McKinlay's performance. It was brought up in the Q & A that this was Nick's first film, and I have to give him my enthusiastic props. Every facial expression he produced made me laugh so hard that I almost barfed out my popcorn.

I'd also like to bow down to Jayne Eastwood, who played grumpy ol' Nana Gert. Had she been at the premiere I would have happily asked her if she'd glued that limp cigarette to her mouth, but alas, she was attending a family wedding. No one in the audience will forget when Mike Beaver announced that her absence was due to her passing, but I will let someone else decide whether that was in poor taste, or if it was totally hilarious.

Needless to say I love Cooper's and I love their camera. Oh and I did, in fact, make it out to the afterparty and saw a few familiar faces there from my theatre school days.

Cooper director Warren Sonoda was also nice enough to jabber with me in the party line up. Yes, he had to wait in line. What's more, is that I got in before he did. Twas a weird night in that sense, but a fun one overall.

I must depart. Tonight I am interviewing a festival attendee and then I'm heading down to Yonge and Dundas Square in hopes of scooping a nice lil' story for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, by the way, is going to be my craziest day at TIFF so far. I'm hoping to attend the Pride and Glory press conference, then I've got to run off and cover the Pitch This! competition, then off to the Canadian Music Cafe event (in time to catch the brilliant Martha Wainwright), then I'm zooming over to the Down to the Dirt premiere and then finally to the Toronto Stories afterparty.

The cracks in between all these dots on my schedule will be filled with writing  up stories and blogging like mad.

I hope to give you a nice little update then!

Great meeting you Elizabeth! --- Glad you and everyone got in... nice being hot ticket, but sad I saw peeps waiting... but we made a party in the lineup. Beav's Q&A banter at the premiere just might become something of legend (!!) -- had an amazing night --- best premiere I could have hoped for. WPS
Comment By Warren Sonoda At 09/09/2021 1:46 AM
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