Acolytes Intro & Q&A;


Jon Hewitt assures Colin that no Canadians were harmed during the filming of Acolytes

MM Scorecard:

Screenings Attended: 22/47

Screenings Missed: 0

Average Hours Slept Per Night: 3.75


Two things the human body desperately needs to function are sleep and oxygen. Most of you know by now I haven't slept since sometime in 1976 and last night the audience of Acolytes deprived me of precious oxygen.


This was one of those films where you're holding your breath every few seconds because you never know when that creepy neighbor serial killer guy is gonna pop up. Then, when you're feeling all safe and comfortable, chillin' as the awesome indie rock soundtrack kicks in; suddenly director Jon Hewitt figuratively hits you over the head with a shovel causing 100s of people to gasp simultaneously resulting in a huge drop in the oxygen level. Yeah, the whole movie was like that...


Sunday night Colin opened the door to Aussie Genre cinema with Not Quite Hollywood and then he gave us another brilliant example of it with Acolytes. The director was even nice enough to give a Midnight Madness questioner an autographed poster, a thumbdrive with a bunch of videos of his previous work, and an as yet unreleased CD of music from Acolytes.... AAAARRRRRRR!!!


The down under theme continues tonight with an appearance by Clancy Brown in JT Petty's The Burrowers. Cuz typically to burrow you gotta be down under the ground and... um... Clancy plays Mr. Krabs who is... ya' know... down under the sea... Okay, I'm reaching a little but its like day 42 of the festival and I've only slep 45 seconds.


And Happy 33rd Birthday Mr. Robert Mitchell (your fellow bloggers chipped in and got you the exact same thing we got you last year). And if anyone wants to get me anything for my bday on the 10th, anything caffinated would be great!