The North American premiere of JCVD (the opening night film of Midnight Madness) has now happened and I'm willing to bet there's a lot of people out in the city right now, still talking about it.


The things you've read are true.  Jean-Claude displays some impressive acting chops, it's one heck of a gooooooooood lookin' movie, and has a handful of scenes that are going to stick with audiences for a long time.  Not just the well documented by now monologue scene where Jean-Claude lays it all out.  The opening action sequence was the perfect way to start of Midnight Madness 2008.  I don't want to say anything more than that because its full of subtle choreography and tone switches that just need to be seen.


Before the screening, Colin asked the sold out crowd how many people hadn't been to Midnight Madness before.  The number of hands that went up was incredible!  I bet Borat brought in a similar new amount of new audience members two years ago.  Those of you who just had their MM cherry popped by JCVD, you absolutely need to come back on Sunday night for Not Quite Hollywood (that's the Oz-sploitation documentary that Colin described as being full of boobs and car crashes).  You'll be full fledged Midnight Madness converts in no time.


I'm sure the other bloggers will be chimming in with their thoughts and photos and video of the Q&A, but that's my quick recap of tonight before I go to bed.  Gotta be up bright and early for tomorrow.  I'm seeing five films.



Would you say that MM has officially been 'kicked off'... Hey, someone had to say it!
Comment By Sanjay Rajput At 05/09/2021 3:05 PM
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