Other Services

Promotional Opportunities

A variety of exclusive promotional opportunities are available to Producers and Sales Agents.  Our opportunities include: the printing and placement of retractable banners and posters, video installation of trailers and mailbox stuffing services.  All advertising spaces are located within the Sutton Place Hotel, where they will be exposed to over 3,200 Sales and Industry Delegates and 1200 Press Delegates. To receive our Sales Brochure, please e-mail us or call: 416-934-3254.

The Rights Availability List

A comprehensive list of rights availabilities for all Festival films, which will be available online for the first time.

The Delegates Guide

An extensive online list of attending buyers, sales agents and industry professionals, and their contact information.

Message Centre

The Sales & Industry Registration Desk is a communications hub that can connect you with peers and professionals attending the Festival through our mailbox services.

Broker Corner

Sales & Industry Consultants provide assistance to those producers and filmmakers who do not have sales agents representing their films in the Festival. For more information, please e-mail us.

Press/Industry Screening Library

Including all available DVDs of the films selected for the Toronto International Film Festival 2008.  The library is located on the third floor of the Sutton Place Hotel and open throughout the whole Festival period

Visa Support Letters

If you need a travel visa to visit our Festival, please e-mail us in advance.

National Promotional Agencies

The Sales & Industry Office is proud to have hosted stands from the following National Promotion Agencies in 2008:

  • Cinema Do Brazil
  • Danish Film Institute
  • Film Italia
  • Finish Film Foundation
  • German Film
  • ICAA - Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales
  • Icelandic Film Institute
  • INCAA – Instituto Nacional De Cine Y Artes Audiovisuales
  • Instituto Mexicano De Cinematografia
  • KOFIC – Korean Film Council
  • Nigerian Film Corporation
  • Norwegian Film Institute
  • South Africa – National Film and Video Foundation
  • Swedish Film Institute
  • Unifrance