Match Club

Match Club is a meeting space and lounge, the hub for all Sales & Industry and Guest Relations Office delegates, and the nexus for the international and Canadian film industries. International consultants are available onsite to help set up meetings and offer assistance as required.

Held within Match Club are daily Meet with... events that provide the opportunity to attend an intimate and informal session on the hotest topics in todays film industry. Please note that seating is limited and reservations are not accepted.

Match Club is open 9am to 5pm, Thursday, September 4 to Thursday, September 11, at 5th Elementt restaurant (1033 Bay Street), located just north of the Sutton Place Hotel.

Match Club is open to all Sales & Industry pass holders as well as all Guest Relations pass holders. For more information, please contact [email protected].

Match Club Consultants

The MATCH CLUB offers an on-site meeting service with international consultants. Consultants are experts from the fields of world sales, festivals and production, and are available for advice. Come by MATCH CLUB to book a meeting with them. Our staff will be happy to introduce you.

Match Club Consultants are:

Hayet Benkara is no stranger to the film festival circuit and international markets, having spent six years as the manager of the Sales Office, the unofficial market at the Toronto International Film Festival. Landmark festivals such as Cannes, the Berlin International Film Festival and the Rotterdam International Film Festival have also benefited from her expertise as an industry consultant. Her other experiences include manager of the Press and Industry Office at the Dubai International Film Festival. She has also worked for Immersion, the Canadian-European co-production forum in Paris held by Telefilm Canada/Europe. In 2007, she was appointed programming and industry series manager at ReelWorld Film Festival. That same year she created Prodigy 360, a Toronto-based company that services international young up-and-coming talented filmmakers.

Nancy Collet has been working in the film industry for over eighteen years. In 2007, she founded Cinema Collet, which offers a variety of services to film festivals, filmmakers and other arts organizations. Current clients include TIFF, Netflix, The Middle East International Film Festival, The Malibu Celebration of Film, and Heartland Truly Moving Pictures. Most recently, Collet worked at the American Film Institute, where she was promoted to director of programming in 2000 and has produced seven AFI FEST editions in this capacity. Previously, Nancy worked for Tom Hanks at Clavius Base Films, where she was involved in various elements of production on the HBO series From the Earth to the Moon.

Doc Corner

Doc Corner at Match Club welcomes all documentary Industry delegates, sales agents, buyers, producers and directors. The Doc Corner is perfect for networking and holding casual meetings throughout the day.

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