Festival Info

Sales & Industry Office

In September, all eyes look to the Toronto International Film Festival as the meeting place for some of the world's most acclaimed creative and dynamic commercial forces.

The main task of the Sales and Industry Office is to register and serve all Sales and Industry Delegates, including Producers, Sales Agents, Buyers, Programmers, Filmmakers, Talent Agents, National Promotion Agencies and other Industry Professionals.

Its goal is to provide the information and business support Delegates need to navigate the Festival.

The Sales & Industry Office organizes Sales and Industry Registration, Hotel Booking Services, National Promotional Agency Desks, the Delegates Internet Lounge, Messaging Services and Marketing Opportunities for Sales Agents.

For further information please contact us at: [email protected]¬† or 416-967-7371.

Industry Initiatives

Industry Initiatives, a division of the Toronto International Film Festival Group, offers specialized programming for filmmakers. Year-round programmes focus on creative growth, international networking, and marketing assistance and serve as a nexus for the Canadian and international film industries.

At the Toronto International Film Festival, Industry Initiatives provide a selection of events and panels that address issues vital to the international and domestic film community. Through programmes like Telefilm Canada PITCH THIS!, Talent Lab and Telefilm Canada News & Views participants are granted exceptional access to key figures in the business and legendary artists.

For Industry Initiatives programming information contact us at 416-934-3203 or email: [email protected].