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Now in its eighth year, Wavelengths is devoted to avant-garde film and videos by artists who use the medium as a means of personal expression to explore cinema's unique temporal, tactile and aural qualities. The avant-garde tradition has always been an important and trend-setting area across the history of cinema, often leading the thinking and practice around the aesthetics of the moving image. Not only have the leaders in this field influenced artists working in other disciplines such as contemporary music, poetry, theatre, dance, painting and photography, but their innovative explorations have also inspired those who work in more commercial areas of filmmaking, advertising and design.

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Film List:


WAVELENGTHS 2 (Lost and Found)

WAVELENGTHS 3 (Horizontal Boundaries)

WAVELENGTHS 4 (RR) - James Benning


WAVELENGTHS 6 (When It Was Blue)

Cadillac People's Choice Award