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Discovery offers a unique window on contemporary international cinema. A showcase for new and emerging filmmakers, Discovery is your introduction to gifted and innovative directors who are certain to become household names.

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Film List:

$9.99 - Tatia Rosenthal

Apron Strings - Sima Urale

Better Things - Duane Hopkins

Cold Lunch - Eva Sørhaug

Daytime Drinking - Noh Young-seok

Delta - Kornél Mundruczó

Gigantic - Matt Aselton

Hooked - Adrian Sitaru

Hunger - Steve McQueen

Kabuli Kid - Barmak Akram

Lovely, Still - Nik Fackler

Lymelife - Derick Martini

Medicine for Melancholy - Barry Jenkins

The Paranoids - Gabriel Medina

Parc - Arnaud des Pallières

Rain - Maria Govan

Snow - Aida Begic

The Stoning of Soraya M. - Cyrus Nowrasteh

Tale 52 - Alexis Alexiou

Three Blind Mice - Matthew Newton

Tony Manero - Pablo Larraín

Tulpan - Sergey Dvortsevoy

Vacation - Hajime Kadoi

What Doesn't Kill You - Brian Goodman

Winds of September - Tom Shu-Yu Lin

Zift - Javor Gardev

Cadillac People's Choice Award