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  • Patrik 1,5
    Patrik Age 1.5

  • Ella Lemhagen

100 minutes

Production Company:
Filmlance International/Sonet Film AB/ Film i Väst AB/Sveriges Television AB
Executive Producer:
Peter Possne, Mathias Berggren, Tomas Eskilsson, Gunnar Carlsson
Tomas Michaelsson, Lars Blomgren
Ella Lemhagen, based on the play by Michael Druker
Production Designer:
Lene Willumsen
Marek Septimus Wieser
Thomas Lagerman
Per Nyström, Per Sundström
Fredrik Emilson
Principal Cast: Gustaf Skarsgård, Torkel Petersson, Tom Ljungman

International Sales Agent:
Svensk Filmindustri, AB

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Ex-urbanites Sven and Goran are a married gay couple who relocate to a small town, a village really, to realize their dream of adopting a child. But neither they nor their plan are met with open arms. Some of the villagers are downright hostile, others just do their best to ignore them. But the happy couple are more than willing to soldier on, given the impending arrival. The truly nasty surprise is that the adoption agency, despite a lengthy approval process, cannot find a suitable international baby. Just when everything seems lost, news comes of a local candidate: Patrik, age 1.5. But when Patrik shows up, he is in fact fifteen, criminally delinquent and homophobic.

Sweet-tempered and relentlessly charming, Ella Lemhagen's Patrik, Age 1.5 is a subtly executed piece that treads a fine line between drama and comedy. Lemhagen wisely toys with our assumptions and ingrained responses, prodding us to find humour in unexpected situations and humanity everywhere, even in the most unlikely people.

Patrik's arrival causes a fissure between the couple. Though somewhat reluctantly, Goran agrees to take Patrik in until the agency finds an infant for them and an acceptable home for the teen. Sven, on the other hand, is not so accommodating. A former street punk himself, he's terrified of what Patrik might do, and finds memories of his past behaviour discomforting, to say the least. As time moves on, he is forced to confront his own misgivings about their dream. He has a child from a previous, straight marriage, with whom he has never been able to communicate, and has always had doubts about suburban living and marriage in particular.

A smart, sensitive exploration of the rifts in contemporary gay life, Patrik, Age 1.5 is also, in essence, about how our expectations imprison us and separate us from one another. Driven by textured, intelligent performances from the three male leads, it is one of the most amusing and humane films you'll see this year.

Steve Gravestock

Ella Lemhagen was born in Uppsala, Sweden. She studied film history at the University of Stockholm and directing at the Swedish national film school Dramatiska Institutet. She has directed the feature films About Em: The Prince of Dreams (96), Welcome to the Party (97), Tsatsiki, Mum and the Policeman (99), which won the Crystal Bear for Best Feature Film at the 2000 Berlin Film Festival, If Not (01), Immediate Boarding (03) and Patrik, Age 1.5 (08).

Cadillac People's Choice Award