TIFF Blogs is a place for programmers and filmmakers to share their thoughts, opinions and Festival insights, and where you can interact with them.

Expanded to six blogs this year, programmers will provide insight on their film selection, invited filmmakers will blog about the making of their films and subsequent Festival experience, and our Sid Adilman Mentorship Programme recipient will post daily reports throughout the Festival.

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Moderated by TIFF's Canadian Programming team. This is where you'll find all the latest on exciting Canadian movies at this year's Festival and where you'll hear from the people making it happen! Recent posts:

Moderated by Thom Powers. Featuring daily updates on documentaries at TIFF including extensive commentary from filmmakers. Recent posts:

Moderated by Diana Sanchez. A flourishing place for dialogue on films from Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Recent posts:

Moderated by Colin Geddes. This year we decided to plant a few speed bumps on the information super highway with this blog devoted to the popular and iconoclastic film series. Recent posts:

Moderated by Cameron Bailey. This blog sparks conversation about the films from India, south Asia, Africa and the Philippines, and the issues they are grappling with. Recent posts:

Moderated by Jennifer Fong. Established in memory of the Toronto Star's veteran entertainment journalist, this blog will develop the journalistic skills of an emerging reporter who has demonstrated a strong interest in film and the arts. Recent posts: