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Sorry for the tardiness of this blog, but it took me and my wife several days to recover from our amazing premiere night! This is us about 2 hours before the screening being picked up by our editor Aden Bahadori (because we thought he didn't do enough for the film yet, we made him our post production supervisor AND driver) in one of our snazzy Cooper Mini Coopers. It was a real kick to have these cars to boot around the city in, spreading the word of Coopers as we drove around Yorkville and the massive crowds by the Elgin and Inter-Con. Thanks Aden & Candice Best, the best damn PR gal a movie could want!

When we got to the Varsity, I said, "I can't believe we're premiering at the Varsity!" - took the obligatory pic with my lovely wife in front of the Ferrari on Tea Cups (only at TIFF) - and then went in to find my family. I don't think my mom and dad really understood the enormity of the event, as my mom was only concerned that she pay for her ticket. I had to assure her that the ticket was complementary, but she was afraid she'd get kicked out nonetheless. Love her.

Went down to the Rush Line and had conflicting feelings. On one hand - I was thrilled all of our screenings were sold out -- on the other, man I remember Rushing the line, and it sucks when you're like the 2nd to last person let in. I hope those who want to see the film will get a chance too! And I guess this is the reason you do festivals like TIFF - to build awareness in moviegoers and try to get it sold for a larger release. We were incredibly lucky because we had already sold Canadian distribution rights to Boutique Films prior to our screening - so we're working on the US & Foreign. Fingers crossed.

Went upstairs to meet Jesse Wente, our fearless TIFF programmer (all the TIFF peeps were absolutely incredible to us - Jesse, Matt, Steve, Magali, Cameron, Piers...)  Jesse helped calm my nerves as he has to so many other Canada First filmmakers - he just told me to enjoy the moment. That's what this festival will boil down to later when I piece it all back together - just extraordinary, surreal moments. Like hanging out in the Varsity's coat closet with Samantha Bee and Kevin McDonald (congrats to Dave Foley and Kevin for their Walk of Fame induction!!)

And then we all decided to take a picture in the coat closet. My good friend and producer Sean Buckley pulled me aside and we spent a moment just to soak it all in. This is what me and Sean worked so hard for all this year, and he told me not to forget it, and it's just the beginning.  I hope he's right and I continue to make many movies with him! The anticipation was growing - and so was the time. I apologize to the audience for the extra wait - we were waiting right along with you! To pass the time, me, Dave and Kevin got some popcorn, freaked out the candybar girl, and I was able to catch up with many of the cast members, some I haven't seen since the shoot back in March. I couldn't believe how grown up our little Dylan Everettt has become! I felt like a proud papa, waiting for his cinematic baby to, you know, be birthed...

Tim Hamilton's tasty short film "The Catsitter" perfectly got the audience into a laughin' mood -- I wish I had a good snap of the audience - but alas, too dark. Samy Inayeh should have lit it for me. All I have is this pic of the Q&A afterwards (which might just become the stuff of legend thanks to our very own Mr. Mike Beaver! - BTW We love you Jayne Eastwood!!) The screening went incredibly well. It's always nerve-wracking with comedies - until the audience laughs, you've no idea how it's going to go over. And they did. And often and throughout - so as me and my wife sweated through the screening, hoping people were enjoying themselves - the movie unfolded on the screen. People got it, laughed, were repulsed, snickered, clapped, gasped, woot-wooted and I think generally had a great time. The cheering was nice. Always the cheering. Everything I could have hoped for in a premiere.

After the standard "mill-about-in-the-Varsity-lobby" for an hour after the screening, we walked over to another Lobby - the Luxury Lounge on Bloor street where Jennifer Aniston partied the night just before us. The cool night air was welcome as I led my family, cast and crew from the theatre over to the party -- it was a nice moment to catch our breath, compare our notes on the movie (most of the cast had never seen anything until then!), and say hi to the people we couldn't during the screening.  I get the feeling the cast really enjoyed their work -- smiles everywhere.

And this is what it's like to have a Hot Ticket in town - when we got to our after-party, it was packed! Like, lined-up, locked-down, at- capacity full. Which was fine by me 'cos that meant they were havin' fun inside. Although the hosts were asking me to come in, it gave me a chance to hang out with my incredible crew in the line (pictured here), watch the other stars and fancy people walk by and get reports that someone tried to crash the party because they were friends with the director, "Mr. Sonda."  I like Mr. Sonda's work very much as well.  You can read more about it in Elizabeth Beddall's blog under the "Sid Adilman Mentorship" listing in the TIFF Blogs.

The party inside was amazing - Candice and Kozman decked out the space with Christmas presents, decorations, live-to-screen video (to go along with our videocamera theme) and our very own Santa and Tree!  People got to have their pix taken and then they would print them and hang'em up. Really fun and I got to sit on Santa's lap with my mom and dad --- I think they were thrilled! (Santa they understand, free tickets, they don't).

Finally was able to touch base with our uber producer Nicholas Tabarrok (I know he's uber because Variety declared him one of the Top 10 producers to watch!) and we congratulated each other on a film well screened. As Ann and Marty started to dance the night away, I knew the Coopers' Camera premiere was the memorable, festive and joyous event I always wanted it to be. For those of you who wonder want happens at these crazy after-parties and fancy events, the answer is - you find out who your friends are. Mine are my incredible cast and crew. And Santa of course.

And for those of you who wonder what happens after the after-party? Well, if you can't hook up with Damon and Pitt or get the skinny on some backroom poker game -- you hit the Chinese Food with your wife and best friends. Sarah, myself, Aden and Ann realized we didn't eat at all (hardly touched the popcord in the theatre) - so some hot & sour at Garden restaurant and then bedtime. Zzzzzz.....

Thank you to everyone who made this night special.

Thank you to the moviegoers who Rushed the Line - I know what it's like.

I truly hope Coopers' Camera will be coming to a theatre near you very soon!

Shoot Good Film,