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Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg has some things to say about  Dead girl and Sauna at Little White Lies:

"Certainly one of the most disturbing films of the Midnight Madness program this year, Deadgirl takes the idea of woman-as-object and pushes it to the extreme."
I'm just not sure the movie really overcomes the woman-as-object issues that it brings up. Some guys were talking about this movie the other day and were saying (jokingly?) 'But it had a happy ending!'

Um... yeah, OK... just like Kubrik's Clockwork Orange has a happy ending?

But I guess even a film that is really negative about the excesses of war, like Apolcalypse Now can still be watched as a rah-rah-let's-kill-them-all war movie - so maybe it's not really the movie's fault if it doesn't successfully overcome its audience.
Comment By DaveBOTN At 14/09/2021 9:21 PM
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