I will be in Toronto between August 26 to 29; how do I submit an Advance Order for my Regular Ticket Package?

Festival and Daytime (Regular and Lite) or 10-Ticket Package purchasers can participate in the Advance Order Procedure and have the advantage of being able to choose their selections ahead of the general public.

Here’s how Regular Ticket package holders who will be in Toronto between August 26 to 29 can submit an Advance Order

Tuesday, August 26, 2021

  • Pick up: Advance Order Book, Programme Book and Official Film Schedule.
  • Available at: Festival Box Office at Toronto Life Square only. The Official Film Schedule is also available in the August 28 edition of NOW Magazine and select Starbucks locations in the GTA.
  • You will need both the Advance Order Book and Official Film Schedule to make your film selections.

August 26 to 29, 2008

  • Make your film selections in the Advance Order Book.
  • Completed orders can be dropped off only at the Festival Box Office at Toronto Life Square during hours of operation.

Friday, August 29, 2008, 1:00pm

  • Deadline to drop off completed Advance Order Book for participation in the draw.
  • Accepted at the Festival Box Office at Toronto Life Square only.
  • Order Books received after 1:00pm will be processed after the draw is completed, in the order they were received.

This is how the Advance Order Procedure is processed

All orders received at our Festival Box Office at Toronto Life Square before 1:00pm on Friday, August 29, 2008, will be placed in numbered boxes*.

  • A draw will determine which box of orders will be processed first. For example: In the event that 40 boxes of orders have been collected, a number representing each box will be placed into a drum for random selection. If box 16 was selected, it would become the first box of orders to be processed. Box 17 would be next followed by box 18 and so on until box 40. Boxes 1 through 15 would follow behind in order.
  • *NEW! Advance Order Processing for Donors: Donors at the Benefactor giving level and above (gifts of $250 or more) can drop off their orders in boxes representing each donor level. Orders will be processed in giving level order in advance of the first numbered box of orders as determined by the draw. For example: Donors at the 52/7 Circle will have their box of orders processed first, followed by the boxes representing each donor level in descending order.
  • Orders received after 1:00pm on Friday, August 29, 2008, will NOT be part of the draw. These orders will be processed after all the draw orders, in the order in which they were received.

Beginning Monday, September 1, 2008, at 10:00am, all processed Advance Ticket Orders will be available for pick-up only at the Festival Box Office at Toronto Life Square (10 Dundas Street East, third floor)

Visit our Regular Ticket Packages page to read more.