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  • Arne Glimcher

60 minutes

Production Company:
Cubists LLC
Executive Producer:
Bonnie Hlinomaz
Arne Glimcher, Robert Greenhut, Martin Scorsese
Petr Hlinomaz
Sabine Krayenbuhl
Margaret Crimmins, Tony Volante
Principal Cast: Martin Scorsese, Julian Schnabel, Lucas Samaras, Chuck Close, Adam Gopnik

International Sales Agent:
Endeavor Independent

Sunday September 0703:15PM ISABEL BADER THEATRE Add Film to MyTIFF Filmlist

Anyone with the remotest interest in the relationship between film and the visual arts will want to pay careful attention to this Mavericks presentation. It features heavy hitters from both cultural worlds, brought together by a most intriguing interlocutor. Arne Glimcher is among the great tastemakers of the art world. The artists he represents through his PaceWildenstein Gallery in New York City – including the recently departed Robert Rauschenberg – would alone embody a rich and coherent history of twentieth-century art. Glimcher is also a filmmaker, acting as a producer (The Good Mother) and director (The Mambo Kings) on several significant films.

A decade or so ago, Glimcher asked himself a question: if photography could have had such an impact on Manet and the Impressionists, shouldn't cinema have had a similar impact on subsequent generations? His thinking turned to the advent of cubism, and especially the groundbreaking paintings of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Soon a major gallery show and book emerged. “Picasso, Braque and Early Film in Cubism” explicitly contrasted film clips from early cinema (especially those of Georges Méliès) with cubist paintings.

Glimcher has now turned that show into an hour-long documentary, featuring today's leading artists, intellectuals and curators. The result is both great fun and intellectually adventurous. Martin Scorsese, as great a film historian as he is a filmmaker, signed on as a producer, and contributes a personal and fascinating narration. The ever-articulate Chuck Close provides enormous insight as a (celebrated) painter fascinated by how motion and artificiality is captured and transposed onto canvas. And in a tour-de-force series of intellectual connections, master painter and Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Julian Schnabel reflects on time, stillness, colour, experiential desire and the necessity of colourless boxes.

Glimcher, Schnabel and Close will be with us to discuss the film and this inspiring relationship between the advent of early cinema and some of the most important works of art ever made.

This Mavericks presentation also provides a preview of what is planned for our new home at Bell Lightbox. Exploring the historical relationships between cinema and the visual arts is a way of providing inspirational viewing and learning opportunities around our shared history of cinema. Expect much more of this type of programming – especially if Mr. Glimcher lends us a Picasso!

Noah Cowan

Cadillac People's Choice Award